Ultimate Guide to AI Risk

Secure your AI systems with insights from ethical hackers

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As artificial intelligence is rapidly integrated into our shared digital landscape, it brings a host of new security challenges and ethical considerations. This guide provides critical insights from the HackerOne community of security researchers—which includes 750+ ethical hackers specializing in AI security and safety testing.

Read this guide to discover:

  • Real-world examples of AI vulnerabilities uncovered by ethical hackers
  • Best practices for implementing responsible AI to prevent misuse and ensure compliance
  • The crucial role of AI red teaming in identifying and mitigating risks
  • Strategies for enhancing threat detection and analysis with AI-augmented solutions


HackerOne's unique approach combines the brilliance of our diverse hacker community with the efficiency of AI technology to help organizations stay ahead of emerging threats. In a single recent HackerOne red teaming engagement, a team of just 18 hackers identified over 100 valid findings within two weeks, showcasing the power of human-AI collaboration.

"Utilizing Hai [HackerOne’s GenAI co-pilot] for translating complex vulnerability findings into remediation advice has been a game changer for us. It bridges the gap between our technical reports and our internal audience, enhancing the value of our HackerOne program by making actionable insights accessible to everyone." — Vice president of cybersecurity at a Fortune 500 real estate services and investment firm