One Platform. Everything you need to eliminate unknown risk.

Don’t wait for a security incident to find the open doors in your attack surface that bad actors target.

The Ultimate Defense Against Cyber Threats: HackerOne’s Attack Resistance Platform

Don't leave your organization's security to chance. The HackerOne Attack Resistance Platform combines the power of ethical hackers with cutting-edge automation to protect your digital assets. Our comprehensive suite of preemptive solutions covers every aspect of your security strategy:


Real-time Risk Reduction
Pentest as a Service (PTaaS) that delivers instant results and direct access to expert pentesters who are motivated to find elusive flaws.

Bug Bounty
Bug Bounty

Scalable Security Testing
Harnesses a global community of ethical hackers ensuring you detect costly vulnerabilities without stifling innovation.


Tailored Offensive Testing
Root out the most elusive vulnerabilities with targeted, 
time-bound security testing to meet your specified outcomes.

HackerOne Response

Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP)
Receive, manage, and track incoming vulnerability disclosures with the industry’s most trusted and reputable ethical hackers.

Code Security Audit
Code Security Audit

Source Code Review
Vetted engineers scour your source code for security flaws, escalating risks that need attention and providing context-specific remediation guidance.

Hai: Your HackerOne AI Copilot

Achieve record-speed vulnerability response times with HackerOne’s in-platform GenAI copilot. Hai provides a deeper and more immediate understanding of your security program so you can make decisions and deliver fixes faster.  Effortlessly translate natural language into precise queries, enrich vulnerability reports with relevant context, and use platform data to generate insightful recommendations.

Protect your digital realm with HackerOne's Attack Resistance Platform

  • One platform. Preemptive security delivered.
  • Global community of ethical hackers
  • Tailored security objectives
  • Instant results, expert insights
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Proactive vulnerability elimination

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HackerOne Services

HackerOne Services: Maximize your ROI

Maximize your investment in HackerOne with services that help you strengthen your ability to resist attacks by optimizing hacker findings, accelerating remediation, and implementing best practices.

HackerOne Integrations

Integrations for seamless workflows

Seamlessly integrate with your existing tools to enhance communication and collaboration across development, security, and IT teams.

Detecting Vulnerability

Get started with the Attack Resistance Platform

Stay ahead of the game in the battle against cyber threats with HackerOne's Attack Resistance Platform. Don't wait for the unknown to strike, defend your business with confidence today!

Our customers know the score:

Having in-depth visibility of our attack surface is a core part of our security strategy.With HackerOne Assets and the insights it brings from the hacking community, our security team has been able to effectively prioritize those areas of our attack surface that need the most attention, helping us address security gaps faster.