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Innovation starts in financial services

Financial services, banking, and insurance companies are leaders in digital transformation. But the rapid adoption of hybrid, multi-cloud, and SaaS strategies also introduces security challenges to traditional approaches. It’s time to transform cybersecurity.

FSI leaders trust HackerOne

Learn how finance leaders around the world deploy hacker-powered security with HackerOne. 

53% of ethical hackers focus on the financial sector.

How do they help financial services organizations proactively identify and secure vulnerabilities? The new Hacker-Powered Security Report: Financial Services Edition answers that question and many more. 

HackerOne solves FSI security challenges


Hackers uncover malware, flawed authentication, and other vulnerabilities that scanners and traditional pentests systematically overlook.


Avoid litigation, reputational damage, churn, and financial loss by avoiding data breaches that steal headlines … and the trust of your customers.


Quickly detect unauthorized transitions, fraud, and money laundering before they impact your customers. Protect valuable assets and use security as a competitive differentiator.

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Protect applications

HackerOne offers continuous application testing that mirrors the pace of development to secure the software development lifecycle — and new products. Ship code, not bugs.

  • Eliminate vulnerabilities in development
  • Embed security researchers into your agile and DevOps processes to find bugs before they are exploited
  • Partner with over half a million ethical hackers to deliver unmatched coverage that is impossible for standard penetration firms

Hear lessons learned from FSI application security implementation.

Reduce the risk of a breach

Protect customer acquisition data and private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud infrastructures for trading, consumer banking, and insurance.

  • Reduce the risk of a security incident by finding critical vulnerabilities before they are exploited
  • Protect your consumers and showcase your commitment to security
  • Pay for performance, not for time
  • Scale without the overhead

HackerOne solutions for Financial Services

Get comprehensive asset coverage

Improve and scale security capabilities with continuous security at scale using a HackerOne Bug Bounty program.

Use security to your advantage

Secure PII data and protect your brand to boost customer confidence with a Vulnerability Disclosure Program.

Get rapid SOC2 results

Begin testing in days and reduce the risk of a security incident while achieving SOC2 Type II compliance certifications with Pentesting.

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