The Pentesting Matrix: Decoding Traditional and Modern Approaches

The Pentesting Matrix: Decoding Traditional and Modern Approaches

If you're a security leader looking for a clear path through the maze of security testing options, this eBook is for you. Download it now to understand the nuances between community-driven Pentest as a Service (PTaaS), traditional PTaaS, pentesting via consultancies, and automated pentesting—and benchmark them based on three pivotal comparison categories:

Effectiveness: How deep, precise, and thorough is the testing method, is it human-centric or platform-centric, and how actionable is the final test report? 

Efficiency: How quickly can you initiate a pentest and see vuln reports, how easily does it integrate with other systems, and what kind of communication and support do you get?

Value: How thorough is the coverage, how scalable is it, and what is the ultimate ROI, including both tangible and intangible returns?

Plus, we’ve included an evaluation checklist to help clarify your ideal balance of those three factors. Download the Pentesting Matrix eBook now.


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