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The 5 Most Important Hacking Skills For Every Beginner

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When you build a house, you should have a strong base; it’s the same if we are talking about hacking. You need a base in hacking too so there are few hacking skills that are basic skills and I am going to present them to you:

Programming is the main skill

First of all, you should know how to program and if you don’t know you should learn as fast as possible because that’s in a hacker’s basic package. Programming is the main skill, if you are a beginner and you don’t know what a computer language is about then start using Python, it’s very good for beginners because everything in Python is so clear and it’s very well documented, I’d personally say it was designed 50% for beginners due to the simplicity you can work with. You can find helpful tutorials at Python website.

After learning some basic programming, you will progress and I recommend learning how to work with C, the core language of UNIX, further more if you know to work with C it would not be complicated to work with C++ because they are very close to each other.

There are other programming languages that are important to hackers such as Perl or LISP. Perl is the best option if you love practice work despite this, Perl is used a lot for system administration. LISP is harder to understand but once you get it you will be very proud of yourself and experienced because it will definitely help you to be a better programmer.

Actually, only knowing the programming languages is not enough because you should exercise with your self to think about programming and solving the problems in a big way without a lot of time needed.

Programming is not an easy skill so you have to write and read codes and repeat them until you get a certain meaning.

Learn everything about HTML

HTML is the Web’s markup language and it means Hypertext Markup Language, it’s very important because you learn practically how to build a web page from 0 and it’s helping a lot if you are at the start of programming because its codes will run your mind.

Writing in HTML definitely opens your horizons and makes you think even bigger than before. What I love about HTML is that you are able to create anything, you can write, you can create images and forms as you like only by knowing the codes.

English language is a must

This is an international key of communication, everything has an English version too even if it’s not the mother language in the country.

If you are not sure about your English skills, you should make them at least perfect as fast as you can because English is the main language in hacker culture and on the internet. Studies show that English has the biggest and richest technical vocabulary than any other language of the globe. Grammar is the key to open the English world. Go for it!

Learning computer networking

Because you are definitely going to break into websites and network resources, it’s a very important and useful skill because there are a lot of ways to hack a website but it’s all depending on the server and on the technology that the site uses such as, PHP, etc.

There are sites specially designed for hackers which will take you on a long road from SQL injection to XXS attacks, just to make sure you have learned everything.

Learn UNIX and Linux

UNIX represents the operating system on the internet and if you don’t want to be a hacker this is not a must, but if you are going to be a hacker you should learn and understand it. Linux is another computer operating system and you can get very close to it by downloading and using it on your own machine.

Have fun

To get a great experience in programming and also good skills run the systems, understand them, read the codes, modify the codes and do it all over again and don’t forget to have fun while learning.

So, those are some general hacking skills and if you are going to take care of them and put them in practice you should become a hacker.

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