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Best Parental Control Apps for Tablets and Cell Phones

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While a mobile phone or tablet can help you stay connected to your child, it can also provide them an accessible way to view inappropriate content on the internet, including gambling, pornography, and violence. It can also give your child an excuse to avoid schoolwork and other duties. Parental control apps for cell phones and tablets help you keep your teen children safe and out of harm’s way by monitoring their cell phone activity and restricting it as you see fit.

There are plenty of parental control apps for any budget. Cheaper apps may have a comparable set of features to more expensive ones, though they’re clearly more basic in their overall monitoring capacity. A higher price parental control apps often come with more powerful functions to remotely track and control cell phone activity.

Defining Features of Good Parental Control Apps

  • Monitor child’s phone and control its virtual activity
  • Web filter with app control
  • Url blocker and porn blocker software
  • Mobile phone location tracking
  • Easy browsing history review

Best Parental Control Apps

The best parental control apps give you a chance to stay informed about calls, texting, and all actions of your children. After testing a handful of popular mobile phone spyware apps, I conclude SpyStealth Premium and mSpy as the two best parental control apps for tablets and cell phones.

1. SpyStealth Premium

(Rating: 5/5)

Download SpyStealth Premium Watch SpyStealth Premium Demo

SpyStealth Premium Top Features:

  • Phone Call Logs — Monitor all incoming / outgoing call numbers on the target’s mobile phone along with time stamp.
  • SMS Logging — Spy on text messages and monitor both incoming and outgoing SMS.
  • Phone Book Spy — Access all the contacts that are stored on the target cell phone.
  • Monitor Web Activity — Record all online activities including emails, websites visited. You can also spy on Tinder, Badoo, KakaoTalk, Hangouts, KIK, WeChat, Twitter, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Viber, and more.
  • GPS Location Tracker — You’ll be able to track the exact location of the mobile phone user at any given time.
  • Cell ID Tracker — With this option, you’ll be able to track the mobile phone’s location during the absence of GPS.
  • SMS Commands — Remotely send SMS commands to lock or unlock the mobile phone usage. You can also delete call history, SMS logs, pictures and videos from the target’s phone at any time.
  • Remote Device Lock or Wipe — Using this option you can remotely lock the target mobile phone or wipe all of its data at anytime you wish.
  • Keylogging — Records keystrokes typed such as passwords and other sensitive information.
  • Stealth Operation — SpyStealth Premium operates in a covert mode so that its presence remains unnoticed.
  • No Jail-Break Required — Unlike most other cell phone monitoring software, SpyStealth operates successfully without the need to jailbreak the mobile phones.
  • Application Blocking — This a great feature for concerning parents, because it lets you block certain applications from being accessed on the target’s phone.
  • Incoming Call Blocking — You can block unwanted incoming calls on the target phone.

SpyStealth Premium Demo

You can try a free demo and see how SpyStealth Premium performs in real-time from the link below:

Compatible Cell Phones:

SpyStealth Premium is compatible with Android phones, iPhone, iPod, Tablets, Blackberry, and other devices made by Apple, Samsung, HTC, and more.

You can download SpyStealth Premium from the following link:

2. mSpy

(Rating: 4.5/5)

Download mSpy Watch mSpy Live Demo

mSpy is another excellent parental control app that lets you monitor your child via their cell phone or tablet. You can check where your children are, who they are calling and what they’re looking at online. Because of its impressive tracking and reporting functions and the control you get over alerts and restrictions, this cell phone spying software deserves our second place.

mSpy Top Features

  • Manage Calls — Monitor Calls and Restrict Incoming Calls.
  • Track text messages — Keep track of Sent / Received SMS.
  • Read emails — Gain access to Incoming / Outgoing Emails.
  • Track GPS Location — This option allows you to see the Current GPS Location and Geo-Fencing.
  • Monitor Internet Use — This includes: Browsing History, Website Bookmarks, Blocking Websites, Wi-Fi Networks, and Keyword alerts.
  • Access Calendar and Address Book — Gain access to Calendar Activities and Contacts.
  • Read Instant Messages — Read messages from Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Social Network, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, Tinder, and Hangouts.
  • Control Apps and Programs — Control Installed Applications, Block Applications, Keylogger.
  • View Multimedia Files — View all multimedia files, such as Photos and Videos.
  • Remote Control — Device Wipeout, Device Locking, Additional Device Info, and Control Panel.
  • Hidden Operation — mSpy operates in stealth mode and remains undetected on the target phone.

mSpy Live Demo

You can see mSpy in action from the live demo below:

Compatible Cell Phones:

mSpy is compatible with all popular devices — iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS.

You can download mSpy from the following link:


Two cell phone monitoring apps – SpyStealth Premium and mSpy – rose above the rest in our tests, mostly because of their capacity to track and report a wide array of data, set restrictions, provide alerts, and support many devices and mobile phone carriers. These are the aspects we weighed as the most valuable in our rankings for best parental control apps for tablets and cell phones.

SpyStealth Premium, our winner, has excellent monitoring features and performed very well for usability, tracking, reporting, and ease of installation. Our second place mobile spy app, mSpy, offers powerful reporting and surveillance features. It gives you ample capacity to create alerts and set limits.

As a parent, you aspire to raise your teen child and prepare him/her for adulthood. Along the way, you can get an extra help from parental control apps to stay informed about calls, texting and all activities of your children. At the very least, you can get a better understanding of your children.

Editor's Note!
Usage of cell phone monitoring software is only legal when you own the target phone and your children are still minor. If you are monitoring an adult or any other person, they need to know beforehand that a monitoring software is installed on their device. You both may also need to sign a concession form, depending on the country where you live.

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